Secrets of slot machines

 The Sad Facts of Return to Player Percentages

When I compare casino games and gambling opportunities, I use return to player percentages because this is a fair way to make a comparison. The return to player percentages are a simple way to see how much you can expect to get returned, no matter how much you decide to bet.

I know that if I play a slot machine with a bet size of .50 and take 600 spins in an hour that I’m risking $300 every hour I play. If I play a three-hour slots session, I know that I’m risking $900. Of course, I’ll win some spins and lose some spins, and I’m likely not going to lose everything that I risk.

When I know the return to player numbers for the slot machine I’m playing, I can run a quick calculation to determine how much I will expect to lose on average. A slot machine with a return to player percentage of 94% is going to keep 6% out of what I risk for the casino.

You can multiply the $900 I’m risking times 94% and subtract the total from the $900 to get an expected loss, or just multiply 6% times the $900. The numbers say that I’m going to lose $54.

Big Online and Mobile Slots Bonuses

When your main strategy is the hope to get lucky, you need to have as much money as you can. With a bigger bankroll, you get to take more spins, which gives you more chances to get lucky and hit a win.

The best way I know of to get the biggest slots bankroll is to get as many online and mobile slots bonuses as you possibly can. And the bigger the slots bonus you can get, the better.

This is a simple mathematical concept. If you can play slots for four hours on your cash bankroll and double that bankroll using a bonus, you can play eight hours on the same cash deposit.

If you can get a 200% bonus, you can play for 12 hours. A 400% bonus increases this to 16 hours.

The good news is that online and mobile casinos give the biggest bonuses to slots players. I’ve seen bonuses of $10,000 and higher offered to slots players at some top-rated online casinos. Look at all of the casinos listed on this site, find the casinos that offer the biggest slots bonuses, and take advantage of them.

In the long run, you might get lucky. But even if you don’t get lucky, you’re still maximizing your slots playing time.

Jackpot Slot Machine Strategy

If your main strategy is to get lucky, you might as well try to get lucky for the biggest possible prizes. This is why I only play slots games with big progressive jackpots or static jackpots.

The word “big” has different meanings to each person. What you consider big might not be the same as what I consider big. I’m going to share what I consider big in relation to slots jackpots, but you can decide what’s big enough for you.

I prefer a jackpot over $1 million, but as long as a slot machine has a jackpot over $100,000, I’ll consider playing it. This isn’t to say that a $10,000 jackpot wouldn’t be great and allow me to do some things that I want to do, but I know the return percentages are working against me. So, I want to win big if I get lucky.

It’s even better if you can find a slot machine that has multiple jackpots. A machine with a progressive jackpot over $1 million and a secondary jackpot of $50,000 or more gives you more chances to get lucky.

You can find plenty of slot machines that offer big jackpots in land based casinos and in online and mobile casinos. These machines aren’t hard to find. Getting lucky is what’s hard.